Rites of Initiation – Chapter III. A second wave of pleasure.

From time to time, he would remove his lips from the shaft to stroke it a bit with his hands and lick the sack under it, but he always made sure to at least keep jerking Yoda off, and therefore himself.  His hands didn’t suffice however and his head would always return to the uneven cock, bobbing his head with more haste every time, his lips as tight as he could make them, making Yoda squirm in delight as he felt his orgasm build up.

By now he was rocking his hips in motion with Mace’s bobbing, meeting the lips with more force every time.  Even the boy was rocking his hips along his own rhythm, meeting only air but still feeling the incredible sensation.  And then, with a large inhaling breath, the master released the full of his cum in the boy’s sweet mouth as he shot the long awaited jets of warm milk.  Mace never removed his mouth, swallowing every jet as it was shot in his craving mouth and still pumping his head as he too was near the edge of his orgasm.

It didn’t take long before Mace shot his load on to the bed, which got him lifting his head off of Yoda’s cock and making the last squirt hit his bare chest.  And then the moment was over and Yoda laid panting on the bed, Mace between his legs, a great grin stretching both their lips.  He might not fully understand what had just happened, but he knew he liked it.  The human boy gave him a few last tongue lashes for good measure, then returned near his mater, to his right, their nude bodies touching slightly.

“Very well you have done, my young student,” he said between pants.  ; “But young is the evening and more training I shall give you.”  Mace had his eyes closed now, perfectly comfortable and in harmony with the force of everything around him and especially his master.  For a brief moment, physical contact between them was cut, but they always remained in contact through the force and Mace felt no nervousness or discomfort.

He felt something moist touch his chest and needed not to open his eyes to see that master Yoda was now tasting his own child skin.  He licked his own drops of semen off the chest in a very tender manner, very aware of his every move and touch, aware of what the boy would enjoy and making sure to give him those sensations.  He kissed one of his nipples, licking once, then going down again; kiss by kiss, until he reached Mace’s own nether region.  But the master was not a tease and immediately he starting licking the boyish dick offered to him.

Mace had known that his master would do this, he felt in complete sync with him, but he had not imagined it to feel so good, even after having almost done it with himself.  His status of student clearly paled before the master’s experience; he knew how to twitch his tongue and move his hands, his small claws sensually rubbing the outer line of the cock and sack.  Like his master before him, the human instinctively bucked his hips, craving for more of the pleasure that seemed so close at hand.  But Yoda was a master not only of the force but at pleasure and knew how to make it last, even for one who would have trouble from shooting his load in too much of a haste.  He removed his lips and started licking between the legs themselves, his tongue going up along the furless sack.  He put his index finger into his mouth to lubricate it a bit, before inserting it slowly in the boy’s hole.  Lost in bliss, Mace had not expected this gesture and tried to block the forceful entry using the force.  Yoda did not try to poke him further immediately.

“Worry not, little one,” the master said, smiling to his padawan between his legs.  Slightly reassured by the master’s voice, he let Yoda poke him further, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the new sensation.  But he trusted that his master would not hurt him or at least, would bring forth even greater pleasure by this act.

Yoda managed to get his finger in completely and he let the boy adjust to the intrusion.  It took Mace a few minutes before he was fully adapted to the sensation, after which he nodded to his master.  Nodding back, Yoda started  pumping his finger in and out of him, twisting it a bit to stretch the entrance.  Mace Windu still winced at bit in pain, but also felt pleasure as he felt it twitch in his rectum.  With his free hand, Yoda continued pumping the boycock in rhythm with his other hand.  He slid his head back down momentarily lick the precum that was dripping from it, sliding his large rugged tongue along the slit, before resuming with hands.

Satisfied that he had loosened the boy enough, Yoda removed his finger from the hole.  “Now, on your knees and hands you must get.”  Mace did not protest as he went on all four, his butt facing his master who couldn’t help but slide his tongue along the crack; Mace shivered in excitement at the sensation.  But the small green creature had other plans and using the force, he jumped and grabbed hold of Mace’s hips, his feet now six inches above ground.  Slowly, he inserted his cock in the tight orifice.

The dick was larger then the finger and Mace still had to accommodate to the new size, however easier now.  Slowly, the Jedi pushed in, taking half an inch every time until he was fully in.  Mace was panting now, calming himself as he could with Jedi meditation and soon, the pain was forgotten.  He realised that the force bond between their cocks had not dispelled yet and he could feel his own tightness around his shaft.

As if on cue, Yoda retracted almost completely from the hole and pushed back in, which made Mace moan loudly.  The movement was almost impossible on its own in this position, but the master wielded the force which made the thrusting smooth.  As his felt his disciple getting more stretched, Yoda could thrust faster, harder and more passionately and it only left the boy craving for more.

The force was flowing between the two Jedis, they could feel their partner’s sensations, they felt their emotions.  A strong bond had been sealed and every thrust seemed to add another link between them.  Both were panting heavily now, lost in the moment, in a privileged moment between teacher and student.

Mace could feel the bumps of his master’s cock as it slid in and out of his hole, the uneven texture making the sensation even greater.  His orgasm was building fast and every additional jerk gave him twice the pleasure as one would normally get in this position.

It didn’t take long before the sensations was too much and the boy felt a second wave of pleasure cover his whole body and a few drops of semen stained the sheets.  Still in his thrusting frenzy, the master was close to follow as he shot his juices in the boy’s tight orifice.  He took short breaths as his orgasm hit him for many delicious seconds.

When he was done, the small creature got off his disciple and to his side.  Mace took his master into his arms and Yoda returned the embrace.  Usually filled with youthful stamina, Mace Windu now felt completely drained, but Yoda didn’t mind as he enjoyed the simple comfort of his arms.

Without a word, without a care, the boy fell asleep against the smooth skin of his master.

The next day, Windu would wake up in his own room at the academy, fully dressed in his pyjamas, the only proof of the event having unfolded being a slight pain in his ass.

As he turned, something else caught his attention.  A single braid now hanged from the left side of his head, proving that he had in fact become a padawan.  As time would go by, master and student would never speak of the event, nor would it happen again.  However, their bond through the force would always remain strong and they would always share something on a deeper level.

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    O Minwas einai Avraminos, afta einai gnwsta. Yphrxe itsdselioa sto “Ellhniko” ypourgeio exwterikwn (epi Giorgakh) opou parousiazan kapoia vravefsh tou. Anefere oti o Avraminos exei Polwnikh (profanws Pollonoevraikh) katagwgh, opws kai o G.A.Paparandrew. Isws yparxei akoma, alla ta palhkaria ths… gnwsths koinothtas pou parakolouthoun ta panta tha dwsoun shma na katevei.Kai na fantasteis oti einai kai proedros the “Ellhnikhs” olympiakhs epitrophs… Tetoia XEFTILA. Oso gia th Mari, ti na kanei kai afth h kahmenh, kalytera para vizitou

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